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We are having several houses,
hosting meetings,

esp. for groups.

  • Every type of house has got his own style
  • All houses are very personal and cosy
  • furnished by original arrangement

Particularly suitable for children,
teenager and adults, pupils and kindergarten.

  • Yoga, meditation and theatre groups
  • Leasure time for handycapped people and families
  • Students, confirmation- classes and parties
  • sporting clubs and what ever your interest is and you can think of...
  • and much more

It is ment for everyone who is interested to be
involved in groups therapy and having fun surounded
by other like-minded people - away from hektik of life
in small villages or totally lonesome under the wide sky of

The optimum for us is an individual and specificoffer and supply you a long-felt want. Some houses also offer their own semin